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Fondant for Sale!

We are now selling our homemade fondant.  One order of fondant is enough to cover a two layer 6" and a two layer 8" cake. 

We offer the following flavors:
Original (combo of almond, vanilla, and butter flavors)
Chocolate (great as a base to make black fondant)

All flavors (except choclate) are $15 per order.  Chocolate is $20 per order. 

Email us at to place your order! 

Please allow 2 days notice.

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"What makes your cakes so special?"

We hear this question all the time!  Joyous Creations is unique for many reasons.  Read below to find out why our cakes are true specialty cakes!
  • All cakes and icings are made from scratch by Joyous Creations. We have worked hard to develop unique flavors that will satisfy any tastebud!
  • Our fondant is also homemade... no more of that yucky, hard stuff everyone is used to! Homemade fondant is both softer and tastier, and we can customize the flavor upon request!
  • All cakes have two layers and are generously filled with the icing/filling of your choice. It has been said by a Joyous Creations customer that the filling was their favorite part!
  • Every cake is fully customized to your specifications. Did you find a picture of a cake that you would like replicated? We can do it! Do you have an idea in your head but can't find what you are looking for? Send us an email or give us a call... we will brainstorm with you until we come up with something that satisfies you!

We're Official!

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Joyous Creations, Cakes and More is officially up and running.  After many, many hours baking and decorating, Joyce and Krista have decided to stay home with their little guys and make their hobby their business! 

We are working on a more comprehensive website, but we wanted to having something up and running until we get that going.  Check back for details and pictures!